1. How does the affiliate program work?

It’s simple - you can earn, attracting other users to uCoz. You get a unique referral link and post it on your website or anywhere else online to encourage people click it and register at uCoz via this link. Each such user who registered at uCoz with your help becomes your referral after he creates a website. If your referral creates a free website (doesn't pay for any additional features) and his website is approved as active by the system, then you get $0.5 If your referral pays for any paid service, you get 20% of his payments.

2. How to join the affiliate program?

To work with the affiliate program you have to be a uCoz user. Please register at ucoz.com if you haven’t done it yet. To work with the affiliate program you have to use your Webtop, which is your online uCoz “desktop”. You can log in to the Webtop using the second password you’ve been asked to set while registering at uCoz. Go to guid.uid.me to log in.

Now you’re in! Start posting the link and getting referrals.

3. Where do I get the ref-link and how does it look like?

You can get the referral link via U → Websites → Affiliate program → General.

Now you’re in! Start posting the link and getting referrals.

4. What can I earn from?

You get $0.5 for each referral website created with uCoz which is approved to be alive in 3-6 months after actual creation (a website activity is determined by the system automatically on the basis of a long-term analysis of the website traffic). You get 20% of all the payments for the uCoz services made by your referrals as well.

5. How to attract users and deal with referral websites?

You can attract referrals by posting the link on your website or anywhere on the Internet and therefore encouraging people to visit and register at ucoz.com and create websites via this link. To earn much you’ll need to encourage people who’ve already started websites as your referrals to develop their websites and keep them alive. To do so you can look through the list of referral websites and send messages to the adminsistrators Try to help them and they’ll help you earn! To see the referral list go to U → Websites → Affiliate program → Referral websites. To contact the administrator click the envelop icon near a website URL

6. How to get the money I’ve earned?

You can order a payout for any amount of the affiliate program funds to:

  • Your website account
  • PayPal
  • Webmoney

Log in to your Webtop and order the payout via U → Websites → Affiliate program → General.

Transfer of funds to a website account is convenient if you pay for services or packages. If you have several websites in one Webtop, you can transfer the funds to any of them. There is no transfer fee.

The tab "Payment history" contains the info on all ordered payouts, and their statuses.

Terms of Depositing:

  • all types of rewards have a "verification" period which can last from several weeks to several months;
  • during the verification period the reward amount is displayed on the "General" tab, in the column "Potential";
  • after the verification period is successfully completed, the amount is moved to the column "Pending depositing";
  • a partner deposits rewards himself when he deems it necessary, by clicking the appropriate button that appears in case of a nonzero reward amount;
  • after the reward has been deposited, the partner can submit a request to get the funds via PayPal or Webmoney, or instantly add the funds to the account of one of his websites.
7. Where to get the banner to use with the ref-link?

At the moment we’re working on the banner library to help you encourage users. Meanwhile you can get some banners here.